How many treatments would I need?

Great Question!

Simple answer is it ranges from 3-4 sessions to 3-4 times/weekly for many years. It really depends on the condition.

Acute conditions will generally be rather simple and straight forward.

Chronic conditions are notoriously complex and requires several sessions just to diagnose properly. Treatment then will take even more but we dedicate ourselves to treat as quickly and efficiently as we can at our best.

Can I see physiotherapist often when it is very sore?

Yes. You should consult us more often if your symptoms are irritable (easy to make it worse) and severe.

More you see us is better for your quicker recovery. Hence this is what professional athletes do with physiotherapists.

They may see us everyday basis when they are acutely injured.

I'm lazy. Is there alternative to exercises?

Everyone is busy in hectic society we live in today. Exercises will help enormously. But if you can’t do them at home, there is alternative way to go about your condition.


You may be able to get better with passive treatments but this is very time consuming and costly as you have to come more often and longer than when you do your homework.

We always, I mean, always encourage people to do the exercises for the duration of recovery. Science is very clear about this. It supports the injuries are a lot better recovered with some forms of exercises.

I have been to other physiotherapists. Will you give me different solutions?

Absolutely. There are various approaches and treatment methods in physiotherapy that many people do not realize or we don’t talk about.

We dedicate to be as logical as we can be and believe that same treatments should not be applied continuously if it does not result in positive outcomes. This is just waste of time for you and for us.

Let’s talk it out and figure out what is appropriate for your condition. Our physiotherapist can help you!


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