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10 days in a hospital bed leads to 10 years’ worth of lost muscle mass in people over age 80

    Amazing information on elderly population regarding hospital admission. No wonder they feel a lot different when they come back home.…

Virtual Reality and Chronic Lower Back Pain (CLBP)

Could Virtual Reality Dodgeball motivate fear-avoidant CLBP patients to move? Implications for future treatment. The findings by Thomas et al. clearly show…

Vitamin D and Pain

Low vitamin D levels cause defects in bone mineralization which results in widespread or localised bone pain along with aches and pain…

Physiotherapy Services

bWelcome to Physiotherapy – Therapeutic exercises are designed and structured in a way that promotes the healing of damaged tissues or improves the health of bodily structures.

Body alignment issues and movement restrictions are also improved through therapeutic exercises.

It is utterly different concept to general exercises that we are familiar with through media. It is recommended to seek for advice what is the right thing to do for your conditions.

4Manual therapy has been the mainstream of physiotherapy for a while now. It is effective in moving your joints and soft tissues so that they can move more freely and properly. It is similar to fixing the screws and bolts of your car.

Electrotherapy is also known to promote the natural healing of the damaged or dysfunctional tissues. It will speed up the recovery process to return to sports and a lot of professionals use these nowadays.

Keep in mind though. It is not the solution to the chronic conditions. It is only useful and effective in combination with the therapeutic exercises and other modalities. Do not solely rely on them!

Acupuncture physiotherapists use is called dry needling. It pierces through tight knots of your muscles and make them relax.

It is absolutely essential to understand this is still only the part of your treatment program. Researches show you will benefit the most from acupuncture if you integrate it with other treatment modalities.

Hydrotherapy is exercises program under the water. The use of buoyancy of water makes your body move differently to when you are on the land. Water allows you to move more smoothly in the water but with gentle water resistance which is fantastic for your strengthening. This particularly helps for post operative rehabilitation and lower limb injuries.

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